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Robbo, the Aussie Mortgage Guy

What gave me peace of mind that my family was protected and how you can too

I recently received the best customer experience in my life.

I reached out to Scott Reid, Director of Vivi Protection Advice, to find me the best income protection and life insurance policy on the market.

He figured out exactly what type of policy my wife and I would need to sustain our families lifestyle in the event the worst happened to one of us, both of us, or our children. 

This policy now gives me peace of mind, knowing my family are looked after if something happens. 

If you’d like to be connected with Scott, so he can give you that same peace of mind, you can complete this form and I can make the introduction for you.

Find out which income protection & life insurance options are suitable for you

Complete the form below and I’ll make a formal introduction to Scott from Vivi Protection Advice free of charge.

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